Sabu Possibly Coming To TNA, Team 3D's Contracts Expiring, Konnan Update


— TNA is talking about bringing back Sabu.

— Team 3-D’s deal is up sometime prior to the end of this year and there is no guarantee they will be re-signing. Both have been complimentary to WWE in off-screen interviews in recent months, though the feeling is that Brother Ray in particular would have to lose a lot of weight before WWE would consider him. There is also the possibility that he’ll return alone as an agent, which he has also discussed in the past. The downside of leaving TNA and going back on the road full-time with WWE is that they would almost certainly have to give up their pro wrestling school in Florida, which they just opened up and put a lot of time and money into. Also, both guys have saved their money and would be able to survive just fine without pro wrestling.

— Konnan’s kidney replacement surgery last week in Tijuana was a big success, and he was at home writing notes to people on MySpace within a couple of days. As noted, his plans are to be back in the ring working a regular schedule by the end of the year. The doctor said that his donor’s blood matches his so closely that they could have been brothers, and that the operation went perfectly.

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