PSG Sporting Director Leonardo on the final days of the window

Speaking in the mixed zone after PSG’s 6-1 victory over Angers on Friday night, Sporting Director Leonardo had the following to say on what to expect from the final days of the window.

“Since the beginning, we have spoken about the window and being creative, we are still going to try to be. Honestly, I don’t know how things will end up, the final days are always a bit unstable, a lot of things can happen, a lot of things can also not happen. But we are living through such a difficult moment (COVID). Let’s see how it finishes.”

On which positions he is looking to strengthen in:

We are looking for opportunities, that is the truth. The positions, that could change: I bring in one, I bring in another, it becomes something strategic and that depends on what the market offers you in terms of alternatives. We are going to see how we finish up in these final days.

On the deals likely being loans:

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Everyone is doing that, it has become, a little bit, yes… it is more difficult to be truly creative because that depends a lot on little things and well, we cannot forget this year that we also did Icardi. Because Icardi represents an investment for the new season and Florenzi too on loan. A player like Icardi, very few teams signed this year.