Luis Campos has asked to be liberated from his contract with Lille – RMC

RMC Sport report this morning that Portuguese scouting mastermind Luis Campos on Sunday asked Lille to liberate him from the contract that his company is signed to, after deciding that he wants to quit the Ligue 1 outfit.

The 55-year-old formerly informed Lille President Gérard Lopez, a good friend of his, of what he is determined today yesterday. As a reminder, Campos does not have a “classic” contract with Les Dogues, as the club has a deal with the Portuguese’s company and Campos is therefore technically a consultant. However, the contract between Lille and Campos’ company has another three years to run.

Campos arrived in Lille in 2017, but he is understood to have grown unhappy with having not been consulted about certain recent strategic decisions that the club has faced in the last two months, including the suspension of the league, contacts between Christophe Galtier and Marseille, the club’s positioning on the transfer market. Similar frustrations were what led to Campos quitting Monaco in 2016.

After a first season that was tricky, with Lille finishing 17th in 2017/18, Lille under Campos have finished 2nd and 4th in Ligue 1 respectively, whilst also achieving three of the club’s four biggest players sales in club history: Nicolas Pépé, Rafael Leão and Thiago Mendes.

Despite rumours linking Campos to Marseille in recent days, he does not have any intention of exiting Lille for Marseille, owing to a poor relationship with current Marseille President Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

In October 2016, Eyraud had the following to say indirectly about Campos in a press conference: “I have not come here to talk about candidates for the Sporting Director position at Marseille. However, I can tell you about the necessary qualities to convince us and to join Marseille the institution. There must be independence vis-à-vis spheres of influence or power specific to the world of football, there must be the team spirit, that is to say put the spirit of the group before his personal interests, and there is also the interest of the club which must be, at all times, more important than the personal interest. If we combine these three qualities then we can consider one joining Olympique de Marseille. And in any case, it is clear that for us nothing and no one can feel superior to the OM institution.”

Now we wait to see if Gérard Lopez can convince Campos to stay at Lille.

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