OGC Nice director Julien Fournier on his future: “Maybe in September they’ll want to work with someone else.”

In speaking with L’Équipe, OGC Nice director of football Julien Fournier discussed the club’s season and his position at the club, which had previously been reported as ending.

Are you still the football director of OGC Nice?I’m here and I’m working on next season. You will see that throughout the transfer window, I’ll be here.

So until September 1st?I’ll be here until the date we have agreed with our shareholders to take stock after the transfer window, quietly, not in general panic. The transfer window is a very important period for the club and I have responsibilities, we have to face them. Maybe in September they’ll want to work with someone else. This is life in a business – I would totally understand. Maybe I’ll also want another adventure. We don’t have to throw stones at each other… I’ve spent twelve years at this club, every other year we made Europe. We spent €120m to build the team and today it’s worth at least €250m. Our wage bill is the sixth or seventh biggest in the French Championship. I’m not ashamed of anything.

How do you view this season just ended?There’s a feeling that Nice didn’t have a good season – I’m sure that we could have, that we should’ve had, a better season. We were second at the Christmas break. When you’re in the fight all year, of course you want to finish higher than fifth. But when I hear what people are saying, I get the impression that we are coming out of an almost cataclysmic season. I’m proud of the boys, we have a lot of very good players. There is no panic.

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