Reby Hardy Posts Behind-the-Scenes Story & Photos of Woken Matt Hardy Creation, WWE Comic Book Writer Talks AJ Styles

Reby Hardy, the wife of WWE star Matt Hardy, has posted a new blog over at Blog Crunchy Glamour, and in the blog Hardy reveals behind-the-scenes anecdotes and photos of the creation of the current Woken Matt Hardy character in WWE. Below is a blog excerpt:

Being a fan of pro wrestling is, in & of itself, one of those things that is difficult to explain to people whom themselves aren’t fans. Then there’s WOKEN Matt Hardy. To try to explain the “character” – or is it ? – to the average non-wrestling fan is like trying to explain bedtime to a toddler; it’s just not going to happen overnight.

Click Here: FC Bayern München soccer tracksuitComic Book Writer Talks AJ Styles has published a new interview with Michael Kingston, creator of the comic book series “Headlocked’, who teamed up with AJ Styles for BOOM! Studios’ “Royal Rumble 2018 Special.” Below is an interview highlight:

WWE.COM: How did the opportunity to write BOOM! Studios’ “Royal Rumble 2018 Special” come about? How did AJ Styles get involved?

KINGSTON: I’ve known AJ for a bit, and we collaborated on a fun “Headlocked” story before he debuted in WWE. We were thinking it would be cool to do something again — we have similar mindsets and work well together — so I approached BOOM!, and they wanted to make it happen.

WWE.COM: The story recounts AJ Styles’ memorable Royal Rumble debut in 2016. What was it like for AJ to relive that moment?

KINGSTON: It was a big day for him; I’m sure a little nerve-racking. He had been the best competitor in every company he’d ever worked for, and this was the one last great conquest for him.

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