Chris Jericho: “Who’s To Say I’m Not As Valuable As Brock Lesnar?”

Chris Jericho sat down with Dave Meltzer and Garrett Gonzalez on last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio and discussed a number of topics including his upcoming cruise, the current wrestling landscape and most interestingly his assessment of his own value in the wrestling industry.

Jericho believes he just as valuable as Brock Lesnar to wrestling. Given the current state of the industry with promotions vying for top name talent and the border between WWE and everyone else increasingly porous, the opportunity for someone like Jericho raise their value has never been better.  Lesnar is an attraction for Vince McMahon, and his value to the brand nets him contracts well above $10 million.

Lesnar however is far more predictable, its easy to sense when he is making his way in or out of a promotion. Jericho’s sudden free agent status is far more spontaneous and can lead a number of different directions. Jericho’s ability to adapt constantly and still put on highly-rated matches despite his gradual physical decline certainly gives him an edge from a storyline perspective.

Jericho and Lesnar have had a real life heat in the past, particularly at SummerSlam 2016 after Lesnar drew blood hard-way from Randy Orton.

Here’s what Jericho had to say:

“Well, who’s to say that I’m not just as valuable as Brock Lesnar is in 2018 in wrestling? I mean Brock’s matches aren’t exactly 5-star classics. You know what he’s doing when he gets in there. He just does his thing and that’s it.”

“I just at this point in time Jericho is just as valuable as Brock Lesnar in a lot of ways and if I didn’t think that I should retire right now. So you know who’s to say what offers and opportunities there are out there? But to me, it’s a whole new world once again because for whatever luck of the draw I’m a free agent at a time when there are a lot of wrestling companies dying for top-level guys and there aren’t a lot of guys with the long-term name value and goodwill with wrestling fans on a worldwide basis than Chris Jericho has.”

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