Alexa Bliss On Dream Match Against Trish Stratus, Backstage News On WWE’s New Plan For Seldom Used Main Roster Talents

As seen in recent weeks, WWE main roster stars such as Tyler Breeze and Harper made surprise appearances at NXT live events, with both men facing Ricochet at different events.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, fans can expect more main roster stars to work NXT live events as WWE has plans to use main roster stars who currently have no creative plans for surprise NXT appearances. As for Harper, he is currently off TV as a result of his partner Rowan suffering an injury.

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WWE Raw star Alexa Bliss recently spoke with Sky Sports about her upcoming match against Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution, and the following is what Bliss had to say on the bout:

“It is definitely a dream match for me and to know that people wanted this match and that WWE trusted me to have this match, I’m very honoured.

“It is definitely going to be a great, personal accomplishment for me. I am really excited for it.”

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