CM Punk Reveals What He Wants Wrestlers To Leave Behind In This Decade

WWE Backstage analyst, CM Punk was commenting on several moments that happened during WWE Raw last night, revealing something he wants to be left behind.

CM Punk was commenting on the opening segment and the pull-apart brawl between Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens against Seth Rollins and AOP.

The moment, in particular, was when KO hit the dive from the top turnbuckle onto a bunch of security and wrestlers on the floor, who were waiting for the moment.

Punk stated that he wants wrestling to stop with having a giant group looking around to catch someone, asking wrestlers to leave that in this decade.

Can we stop with the giant group of people standing around looking to catch someone while someone jumps on them? Leave that shit in this decade. Dare ya.

— player/coach (@CMPunk) December 31, 2019

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