Wrestlers Asking For Releases From TNA Denied, Mesias Update, TNA PPV Dates

source: www.f4wonline.com

— A few weeks ago, agent Terry Taylor told a bunch of TNA that if they wanted a release from the company, they could have it. One wrestler who has asked for a release in the past said that he definitely had not gotten the offer. Although, when push came to shove, they wouldn’t offer releases to most people because they knew that most of those guys had potential and they don’t want them to become stars elsewhere. At least a few of the X Division wrestlers didn’t get the offers, and they were largely the ones who wanted out.

— Judas Mesias returned to action last week in Mexico. However, he can hardly do a thing in the ring because he’s too hurt. He fell off a ladder at AAA’s Verano de Escandalo show last month. Mesias hasn’t been mentioned on Impact since his last appearance. TNA President Dixie Carter recently stated that he’s out “indefinitely.”

— After WWE cancelled their December 2nd (December to Dismember) and January 6th (New Year’s Revolution) pay-per-views due to oversaturation, TNA jumped in and grabbed those dates.

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