RAW Report 7/9/07 Lafayette, La

RAW starts with music and pyro.

Lashley’s music and he comes out in wrestling gear. Lillian is in the ring announcing. Video of Lashley spearing Cena last week. King Booker comes out with Sharmell to face him. Sharmell is wearing a gorgeous red halter mermaid gown with a black lace overlay. She looks much better than usual ( not saying she looks normally bad).
They face each other and circle. They lock up and Booker is backed to the ropes. Booker knees Lashley in the ropes rather than give a clean break. Booker gets an elbow to Lashley’s face but Lashley comes back with a power slam. Lashley gets Booker onto his shoulder and slams him down for two. A suplex and Lashley covers for two. Booker comes back with a reverse kick ut runs into a clothesline for two. A scoop slam to Booker. A couple forearms to Booker’s face and another slam gives Lashley another two count. A delayed vertical suplex and Kennedy rushes the ring. Kennedy gets a cheap shot on Lashley. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: Lashley

The two heels beat on Lashley until Coach comes out and tells them to stop. Tonight’s main event was supposed to be Lashley and Cena against Kennedy and Booker. But Cena was sent to LA, so tonight Lashley will have to find a partner. If he can’t find a partner it will be a handicap match.
Kennedy leaves the ring. Lashley re-enters the ring and tossed Booker over the top rope and out.

– Commercial

Regal is out back and Coach comes in and thanks him for taking over last week. Regal says he got a lot of compliments and was told the show was a breath of fresh air. Coach says Regal will be facing Sandman tonight. Regal’s not impressed.

Stay In The Game Moment – Umaga eating the crap out of Santino and winning back the IC Title last week.

Umaga comes out with his belt in hand. Santino comes out to face him. Santino appears to have a sightly blackened right eye.
Santino gets tossed down. He comes back with kicks but gets swung around and slammed. Rights to Santino in a corner. Maria rushes to ringside. Santino gets chopped to the mat. Umaga drops a knee onto Santino’s chest. Santino gets whipped into a corner and falls to the mat. Maria pounds the mat and tries to cheer on Santino. Santino gets choked on the bottom rope. Another hard shot to Santino’s chest on a corner. Santino gets whipped and falls again to the mat. Santino gets dragged into the center and climbs. Santino moves out of the way of the flying head butt. A drop kick to Umaga for one. Santino runs into Umaga’s foot and is down again. Santino is set up leaning in the corner. Umaga hits his bum slam. A Samoan spike and Umaga covers for three.

– Winner: Umaga

Umaga stands over Santino then leaves the ring. Maria rushes into the ring in her tiny black leather mini and light blue tank to comfort Santino. She holds him close and glares up the ramp.

Lashley is out back looking for a partner.

– Commercial

Cade and Murdoch come down to the ring. Highlanders come out to face them.
Rory and Cade start. They lock up and Cade gets a side headlock on Rory. A shoulder block to Rory. Another side headlock to Rory. A fireman’s carry takeover to Rory. Rory almost gains control and Murdoch gets the tag. A side headlock takeover to Rory. A snap mare to Rory and a chinlock. A chin buster to Murdoch and Robbie tags in. A flap jack by Robbie and Rory comes in illegally to take down Cade who has entered illegally. While the ref gets Rory out of the ring they double team Robbie. Murdoch covers for three.

– Winners: Cade & Murdoch

Out back Maria is sitting with Santino. She asks him out. He says people will point and call him a looser. He then says he shouldn’t be alone tonight and invites her to his hotel room. She thinks and says she will, that they can watch a movie. He agrees and repeats that he shouldn’t be alone.

– Commercial

Haas and Benjamin out back. Haas picks on Benjamin for losing last week. Benjamin says it’s his birthday and doesn’t need this crap. Haas says for Benjamin’s birthdays he’ll allow Benjamin to kiss his hand. Benjamin says he’s so sure he’ll win his match tonight that if he doesn’t he’ll kiss Haas on the lips. Haas says he’s on.
Benjamin leaves Haas there laughing, until Haas realizes that he might be kissed by Benjamin and stops laughing.

Video of Cena’s life and career.

– Commercial

Snitsky comes down to the ring. Super Crazy comes down to face him. Video of Crazy beating Kennedy last week.
They lock up and Crazy is tossed in a corner. Crazy gets his foot up, but that’s the last of his offensive. Snitsky works on Crazy’s lower back. A cup handle slam and Snitsky covers for three.

– Winner: Snitsky

Snitsky picks up Crazy and hits the cup handle slam again.

JR and King talk about Dusty and Cody talking to Orton out back last week. Video of the confrontation an Dusty getting bitch slapped.

Dusty is out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

HHH promo.

Dusty Rhodes to huge pop. Dusty says he made a statement, that he wanted Orton to meet him in the ring this week. He calls Randy out. He doesn’t come right out. He makes Dusty wait a moment, then comes out looking pissed. Orton poses in a corner. Dusty says the entrance was impressive. Dusty calls him a disrespectful snotty nosed Punk and that it wouldn’t e over after the slap last week. Orton doesn’t do anything. Dusty asks if he’s going to stand there and look stupid. Orton says he’s done listening to the legend speech. Dusty cuts him off and talks about the people who brought him into the business. Orton says he comes from a family of legends. Orton tells him he’s the youngest Champ in the business. He ended the careers of RVD and HBK. Dusty tells him he doesn’t get respect by kicking people in the head when they’re down. Orton tells him to put his money where his mouth is. Orton challenges him to a match at the PPV he made famous. Dusty says he would have taken it before, but he’s in no shape to meet him at this point. Orton says if not for himself, then for his son Cody. He wants to make Cody proud, doesn’t he? Or should he end Cody’s career before it starts? Dusty says he’ll meet him at GAB, but on his terms. A Texas Bull Rope Match. Orton says he accepts, but Cody should bring a broom to clean up what’s left of Dusty.
Cody rushes into the ring. Orton tells him to leave the ring before he gets hurt. Cody and Orton get face to face and stare each other down. Cody bitch slaps Orton. Orton holds his face as he looks shocked. “Cody,” chant. Cody’s ready for a fight, but Orton circles the Rhodes men and leaves the ring. Dusty raises his son’s arm in the center of the ring.

– Commercial

London comes down to the ring by himself. Benjamin comes out to face him.
They lock up and London gets a side headlock on Benjamin. They lock up and London gets a hammerlock on Benjamin. Benjamin reverses and gets a front face lock on London. Benjamin backs London into a corner and beats on him. Benjamin gets London on his shoulder and slams him down on his knee. London gets whipped into a corner an then Benjamin gets an arm bar on him. London hits a hurricanrana and London rolls him up for two. An arm bar slam on London. London then manages to roll Shelton up for three.

– Winner: London

Shelton suddenly remembers the deal he made with Haas and is not real happy.

Out back Crazy is walking along with his ribs taped and ice when Kennedy attacks him. Kennedy says he knows last week was a misunderstanding – language barrier and all. He kicks Crazy hard and stomps off.

Candice and Mickie are heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Haas and Benjamin are out back they decide not to kiss, but Haas tries to make him kiss his hand. Haas finally laughs as Benjamin gets pissed. They hug and laugh as Ron Simmons comes around the corner. He says, “Damn!” They fly away from each other and try to act cool, as if they were not doing anything.

Candy and Mickie come out. Candy is in a gold coat over a gold two piece outfit. Mickie is in a black and pink two piece outfit. Melina and Jillian come out to the stage. Melina is in a tiny red dress. She’s limping. She can’t compete due to a severely sprained ankle. Beth Phoenix will take her place. Jillian is in black pants and a red halter. Beth is in a black jumper.
Mickie goes after Beth hard with forearms. Beth comes back with a double chicken wing. Jillian tags in as does Candy. Drop kick to Jillian and a side Russian leg sweep for two. Beth rushes in but Mickie rushes in and hits a fez press. Jillian hits a side slam on Candy for two. While Jillian is pitching a fit Candy hits a back slide for three.

– Winners: Candice & Mickie

Beth attacks Candy from behind and Melina enters the ring. The three heels attack Candy. Mickie rushes the ring and the three heels run. Candy screams up the ramp at them.

Lashley is out back talking to Arn Anderson.

– Commercial

Another HHH promo.

Sharmell and Booker are watching the promo. Kennedy comes up and says Crazy has been taken care of. One thing left is Lashley. They will be victorious tonight.

Regal is in the ring. Carlito is at the announce table. Sandman comes through the crowd, as usual.
Regal attacks as Sandman enters the ring. Regal gains and keeps control. A knee lift to Regal then Sandman is tossed form the ring. Carlito goes after Sandman who turns around and nails Carlito with the cane. He also hits Regal with the cane and the ref is called for the bell.

– Winner: Regal

Sandman poses with the cane to good pop.
– Commercial

Video about Lashley ad his career.

Cena is on satellite form LA. King wanted to know if Cena came off more intelligent than Paris Hilton. Cena said a kindergardener could have done that. He said he was proud to be able to get someone from WWE on Larry King. They gone on to talk about Lashley. Cena says Lashley is an un-titled champion. He never lost his ECW Title. Cena is wells spoken and well dressed in a blue shirt and black suit jacket. They never said one word about Benoit or why Cena was on Larry King.

King Booker and Sharmell come out to the ring.

– Commercial

Kennedy comes down to the ring. His mi comes down and he does his own intro. Lashley comes down to the ring. E gets face to face with the heels. Kennedy yells at the ref to ring the bell. Jeff Hardy’s music plays ad he comes out to tag with Lashley. Kennedy and Booker look let down that Lashley has a partner.
Jeff and Booker start. Booker yells at Jeff that he never should have come out to the ring. Booker then works over Jeff with punches. Jeff ducks out of the scissor kick and covers for two. “Hardy,” chant. Knees to Jeff in a corner. Kennedy tags in and kicks Jeff. A couple forearms to Jeff back and bounces Jeff’s face off the corner. Jeff hits a mule kick and then a double foot slam in the corner. Lashley tags in. Suplex to Kennedy for two. Kennedy comes back with knees to he gut. Kennedy gets slammed into his own corner and Booker gets knocked off the apron. Jeff tags in and Lashley gets on his hands and knees. They hit poetry in motion. Jeff covers for two.
Kennedy gets the upper hand and covers for two. Booker tags in and covers Jeff for two. Jeff takes Booker down. They are both on the mat. They both tag out. Clotheslines to Kennedy and then a spear in the corner. A back body drop to Kennedy and he gets Kennedy up on his shoulders. Kennedy rakes at his eyes but Lashley slams him for two. Booker breaks the count. Jeff enters and clotheslines Booker over the top. Lashley spears Kennedy and covers for three. (The end of this match was fast and a lot of fun to watch. Jeff and Lashley are great together!)

– Winners: Lashley & Jeff Hardy

Lashley and Hardy celebrate in the ring together.

Biggest pop
Dusty Rhodes
Cody slapping Orton
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat