UEFA set to relax FFP examinations in light of COVID-19 outbreak

L’Équipe report that UEFA intend to relax the stringency of their FFP examinations of European clubs’ accounts in this cycle owing to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

As a reminder, European football’s governing body requires that a single club not exceed a €30m deficit over any three year period. Deprived of match-going income, teams already under FFP scrutiny will be shown leniency in the latest round of the CFCB’s checks into teams’ accounting practices.

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The French sports daily writes the following: “As part of its review, the UEFA CFCB may also take into account extraordinary events or circumstances beyond the club’s control.”

This leniency will not be extended to Marseille, who as of June 30th 2019, posted a €91.5m loss, a figure that recently led to UEFA reaching a confidential side deal with them, the terms of which are not widely publicised, but which OM appear to have broken, following a UEFA announcement two weeks ago that the organising body was taking another look into Marseille’s situation following “further infringements.”

OM won’t benefit from the incoming leniency as UEFA’s new stance does not extend to wiping the slate clean, merely showing understanding over the unprecedented situations that clubs currently find themselves in.