How Did Cena’s ‘Ferdinand’ Do at the Box Office?, Hideo Itami Wrestles Final NXT Match, Ziggler – Nakamura Clash Notes

As noted, John Cena’s new animated film “Ferdinand” had the daunting task of opening over the weekend against “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, and the Cena vehicle was projected to take in $12.3 million at the box office compared to the whopping $220 million brought in by “Star Wars”. “Ferdinand” ended up totaling $13.3 million for its opening weekend, coming in a bit higher than projected.

Comparatively, “Ferdinand” was screened at 3,621 theaters across the country, while “Star Wars” was screened at 4,232 theaters. The Cena movie, which is generating mostly positive reviews, is the lowest opening for a Blue Sky Animation project in studio history.

Ziggler – Nakamura Clash Notes

According to, fans in attendance for last night’s WWE Clash of Champions PPV sent in word that Dolph Ziggler’s WWE U.S. Title win was met with a surprisingly big pop from the live crowd in Boston. Furthermore, fans noted Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance for his match was met with a much more “tepid” response from fans.

Hideo Itami Wrestles Final NXT Match

WWE NXT held a live event in Largo, FL over the weekend, and it featured Hideo Itami’s final bout in NXT. As noted, Itami will be making his WWE 205 Live debut on this week’s show, and he is expected to be pushed as a top player on the show. The following photos have been posted on Twitter, featuring Itami celebrating his NXT farewell match:

Thank you for your RESPECT


— Hideo Itami / 伊丹英雄 (@HideoItami) December 17, 2017

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