Baron Corbin Hypes Fastlane Main Event, Talks Winning the U.S. Title, John Cena Costing Him Money in the Bank, More

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin is a guest on the most recent episode of All Things Wrestling Radio, which you can find on iTunes. The “Lone Wolf” steps into the ring this Sunday at WWE Fastlane in a massive 6-Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship, but before we get to the pay-per-view Corbin discussed his whirlwind of a year, losing the Money in the Bank briefcase and his thoughts as we head into WrestleMania 34.

Baron Corbin on the success he’s found since coming to the WWE main roster, winning Money in the Bank, becoming United States Champion, and now being in the main event of WWE Fastlane:

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“It’s crazy sometimes. You have to look back and reflect on what you’ve done and look at your list of accomplishments. Not everything goes your way. The Money in the Bank briefcase did not work out the way I hoped it would.” … “It’s been crazy. I’m just continuing to climb that ladder and get better, and better, and better and grow. My main goal has always been the WWE Championship.”

On how he moved forward after losing his Money in the Bank cash-in match and what losing that opportunity felt like: 

“My whole life I’ve been taught by my dad, and playing athletics that you can’t live in the past. You can’t worry about your mistakes. Especially playing football, you know it’s one play at a time. If you have a bad play you gotta wipe it clean because you have another one in about 30 seconds. You learn to look forward constantly and not worry about what happened. The night that Jinder [Mahal] beat me for the briefcase and I lost the opportunity, my focus was on [John] Cena at SummerSlam at that point, not on losing the briefcase. Keep your eyes forward and your mind positive.”