Johnny Impact Defends Joey Mercury Against “False Allegations.”

IMPACT Wrestling Champion Johnny Impact was recently on the WINCLY podcast on Impact made a point during the conversation to discuss his relationship with former-tag team partner Joey Mercury. Mercury was arrested the night before All In in Schaumburg, Illinois. The former WWE Tag Team Champion was arrested on an outstanding warrant for credit card fraud, identity theft, et al. Mercury was scheduled to agent many of the matches on the Sept. 1st All In show, but his arrest caused those duties to fall to others backstage.

Transcription via William Windsor at

“He was wrongly accused of some alleged crimes out in the parking lot at ALL IN and was transported to a jail in a prison in Florida. And basically, all that, that whole ordeal that he went through was all proven wrong, false allegations. They were looking for somebody who wasn’t Joey. For the crime that he was accused of, he was out of the country while it was committed. And he has been reinstated at Ring Of Honor and he’s doing really well right now.”

Impact also took the time to compliment Mercury, and Mercury’s mind for the wrestling business.

“Actually, just talking about him is making me smile because he’s one of the smartest guys in the business, but maybe the smartest guy in terms of wrestling psychology and ideas that I’ve ever met and worked with.”

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