Eric Bischoff Speculates That the WWE Brand Split Could Lead to Network Contention with New TV Deals

With the announcement of WWE’s impending TV deals worth in excess of $2 billion, former WCW Executive Producer and WWE talent Eric Bischoff recently spoke with The New York Post on the landmark TV deals, his new “83 Weeks” podcast and more.

On the subject of the new WWE TV deals, Bischoff had the following to say:

“Anybody who comes along and wants to sell a wrestling show, guess who you are not gonna sell it to? You are not going to sell it to FOX and any of its affiliates and, oh by the way, you are not going to sell it to NBC Universal or any of its affiliates,” Bischoff said in a phone interview. “So the world in terms of one’s ability to sell a traditional [wrestling]television show to a traditional television or broadcast partner has just collapsed.”

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Bischoff also spoke to the idea of the current WWE brand split leading to network contention if NBCUniversal, who will be airing Raw, and FOX, who will be airing Smackdown, butt heads as to which talents they want on their respective shows:

“That’s when the executive wolves come out of the cage and start wanting something to say about how WWE is writing and producing its content,” Bischoff said.

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New York Post