Drew McIntyre On Being ‘Complacent’ in NXT, His First WWE Release, Dolph Ziggler On the ‘Slap in Face’ McIntyre Needed

WWE Raw star Drew McIntyre recently spoke with WWE.com, and below are some highlights from the interview, which contains a quote from Dolph Ziggler.

On taking time to review his in-ring work while out of action with injury:

“As good as certain things were, there were certain areas that were lacking massively,” McIntyre observed. “There are a lot of people very sure of themselves that need to be brought back down to Earth. As good as they think they are, they’re really not.”

On his first WWE release:

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“[Being released] put all the pieces together. It was sink or swim, and I swam like no other before me,” McIntyre said. “That’s what’s crazy about coming back. In NXT, when I initially become champion, I went, ‘Wow. I did this as Drew Galloway, not Drew McIntyre. This is the real me.’ That’s pretty cool.”

Dolph Ziggler on what McIntyre needed upon returning to WWE:

“[Drew] has made a couple of lines very clear,” Ziggler said. “Some people get complacent here; some people get soft. They know they’re collecting a check. They know they’re not one of the guys who got let go a couple of years ago, whether they should be or not. That’s a slap in the face to a lot of us who are fighting for time on the show and think we’ve been overlooked or think we should be doing something much more important. You forget, or you take it for granted, that you’re in the greatest wrestling/sports-entertainment company in the entire world. Sometimes, someone needs to pinch you or slap you and let you know the deal.”

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